Child & Adolescent Services

Hamilton Center is committed to the growth and development of healthy children and families. We offer a wide range of services designed to identify and treat behavioral health problems before they become more serious. Our services may vary by county so that we may address the most critical needs of each community. In all cases, our goal is to offer hope through the most up-to-date, quality behavioral health care to children and their families.

Hamilton Center's child and adolescent services work very closely with educational institutions, health and human service agencies, and county and state organizations to provide the best possible care for children. We work closely with Departments of Child Services, United Way agencies, local school corporations, health care organizations and others to ensure access and coordination of care for families living in central and west central Indiana.

Outpatient Counseling Services

Hamilton Center's child and adolescent outpatient services are offered to young people under the age of 18. After an initial assessment of the unique emotional and developmental needs of each child, a treatment plan is developed jointly with the family and therapist. Outpatient services may include individual, group or family therapy, psychiatric evaluation/treatment, psychological testing and substance abuse treatment.

Home and Community-Based Services

Family preservation services are an important part of Hamilton Center's children's continuum of care. Therapists and case managers provide mental health services in the homes of our clients several times a week to assist children and families in reaching their treatment goals. In addition to home-based services, our case managers work to connect families with other available supports in the community. We do as much as possible to keep people functioning well as a family unit and a part of their community.

Intensive Programs

Hamilton Center offers various options for those children and adolescents who may need more intensive services, programs in addition to traditional outpatient treatment. For example, in Vigo County, we offer Adolescent Substance Abuse Programming for those young adults struggling with an addiction problem. In addition, we offer a Early Childhood Services for young children who need assistance in managing certain emotions and behaviors. In Vigo County, Hamilton Center provides an alternative education program for middle and high school students who have not been successful in the local school system.