Trauma-informed Care (TIC)

Hamilton Center Inc. has been awarded "Best in Class" for the 2013 Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) Learning Community by the National Council for Behavioral Health. Dr. Kelly Hutchins, a clinical psychologist and Coordinator of Trauma-Informed Care, will be presenting a workshop at the 2014 National Council for Behavioral Health's National Conference in Washington D.C. May 5-7th on the topic of "Measuring Success in Implementing Trauma-Informed Care".

When a human service program takes the step to become trauma-informed, every part of its organization, management, and service delivery system is assessed and potentially modified to include a basic understanding of how trauma affects the life of an individual seeking services. The goal is to develop services that are more supportive of the client than traditional service delivery approaches.

Hamilton Center Inc. has made a strong commitment to educate its entire workforce and selected consumers on the principals and practices of trauma-informed care to create safe and trusting healing environments by developing an implementation teams made up of staff and consumers. Dr. Hutchins states, "We are presenting a guide for future teams on how to be more trauma-informed. We will share successes and challenges on how to implement TIC as we have. Support from leadership is essential, with the CEO on the team, it makes a huge difference in getting things accomplished. It was important to focus on training the entire company because we needed more support and buy-in from the staff. People who work in our field are learning more and becoming more sensitive to trauma and that lets our clients know that we are trained to understand the effects these experiences may have had beginning as early as childhood. "

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