Karen Sweek


  • Social Work Indiana University- Associate in Human Services- 1983
  • Bachelor in Social Work- 1988
  • Master in Social Work- 1990

Summary of Experience:

Early in my career after I had my Associate degree, I was a foster parent for about 6 months. This gave me experience in how to handle troubled children on a day to day basis. I have worked in a domestic violence shelter as a Night Manager. I answered the hotline and attended to the women's needs. These experiences were before I obtained my Bachelor and Masters Degrees. After I obtained my Masters degree, I have worked at various facilities. I have mainly worked with children since that was my main reason for going into social work. I have worked in outpatient facilities seeing children as young as 3 years old. I have been trained in Play Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Traumatized Children and their Families, Cognitive Behavioral Approaches to Treating PTSD: Concentration-Child/Adolescent Trauma, as well as training in behavioral modification to assist parents in discipline techniques.

I have also worked with adults during my career. I feel the most comfortable working with adults who have depression and anxiety. I have been trained in Cognitive Behavioral Techniques in working in these specific areas.