2001 Report to the Community



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Hoosier Assurance Update

The Hoosier Assurance Plan (HAP) is the State of Indiana's program for funding public behavioral health services. It was effective July 1996 for those persons with chronic addiction problems; July, 1997 for children with serious emotional disturbances; and July, 1999 for adults with serious mental illness.

We feel the HAP is significantly underfunded to meet the needs of the population. Hamilton Center continues to provide services to people who are "unfunded." Although our organization is under no obligation to provide services beyond those being reimbursed by the State, our Mission drives us to continue to provide to those in need in our community as resources are available.

In fiscal year 2001, Hamilton Center served 3,678 clients who were HAP eligible. Of those clients, 1,766 were paid for by the State of Indiana; 1,912 clients received services for which there was no reimbursement.

Hamilton Center donated $11.8 million in services to the community in the fiscal year of 2001.